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Shipping & Returns

Note that in rare cases, because the demand is very large, the delivery time for orders Delivery statement can be 14 working days to reach.

** Important: Orders received before Monday - Thursday will be delivered the next day. Located by 12:00 on Friday orders are accepted on Monday. After last Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 00:00 to order for delivery two days.

Until my order arrives? / How many moving expenses?

We offer a choice of delivery options, lowest economic cost premium to deliver the next business day by 10:00 am delivery service monitored.

Which airlines offer my order?
We use different operators, depending on the choice of location.

Can my order delivered to another person, or to another place? Yes. In our checkout page, you must enter a different delivery address and billing options.

How do I know if my order has been dispatched?
You will receive a confirmation email when ordering, and then insert a second e-mail, to confirm that the order has been shipped

What is your return policy? offers a return policy of 90 days generous.

Return is currently free, because some of the studies in progress.

Items can be returned to any of our trade size or refund. This is provided that the project is the date of purchase within 90 days, and the project is back on the original, you can say the sale.

This means that the product is not damaged, dirty or marked. Then try a new shoe surface and clean carpet and make sure that you are satisfied with the appearance and proper outerwear. Also, be sure not to remove the label or sell the original packaging until you are sure you want to keep the project.

How can I return an item?
Please pack the return item (s) in the original packaging, including the original invoice or order confirmation paperwork clearly stated that it is willing to exchange or refund dimensions. Before sealing the package, you can write your order number is printed on the invoice. Then you need to return your items with your choice of postal services. If you opt for a service, make sure you get a receipt as proof of your return and keep it until your refund or exchange has been processed scale.

How long does it take to process my return?
Please allow up to 28 days, once you return to the size of your project process exchange or refund credited to your account. We'll try to process your return as quickly as possible.

If you have not received my returned items?
Make sure you get a receipt as proof of your return, and keep it safely to the size of your refund or exchange has been processed. If there is no income to show that the project is asked to be refused to release the missing return.

Incorrect or wrong RECEIVED
How can I do if I receive the wrong item, or think there is something wrong? First, if this happens, we're really sorry! If an incorrect item is delivered to you, please contact our customer service

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